NerdCast #33: Are You Cut Out For Work From Home?

2013.08-Nerdcast-#33-Shane-Smith-Ben-KorenIn this episode of the NerdCast we talk with two work-from-home developers working for The Nerdery. Hear more about their tips, tricks, and struggles of being away from an office that prides itself so heavily on a fun and collaborative office culture.

Host: Ryan Carlson

Guests: Ben Koren and Shane Smith, Work From Home Software Developers at The Nerdery

Want to explore WFH options at The Nerdery?

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Listen Now:
Running Time: 0:26:18 / Subscribe on iTunes

Ryan Carlson

Ryan is a veteran of electronics manufacturing, custom software development, promotional marketing and is a thought leader in the customer loyalty software industry. Joining The Nerdery in 2012 as a Solutions Engineer, Ryan brings his knowledge and technical expertise to The Nerdery’s marketing department as the resident Technology Evangelist. Ryan is the host of The Nerdery’s weekly podcast, editor of the Nerdery Blog, regular speaker, and is a contributing author for and

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