How a Wired Reporter was hacked using his Apple & Amazon accounts

We all have our weaknesses. Some people can’t resist the pull of bad reality television. Some are weak in the face of a Lifetime TV movie. Me? I am incapable of skipping past a devastating account of hacking. The kind of hacking that strikes fear in the hearts of people and involves losing precious, sentimental digital ephemera — photos, notes, etc.

This is exactly what happened to Wired writer, Mat Honan, who was hacked and lost everything. Honan recounts how the hackers got into all his accounts using his Apple ID, Gmail, and information from Amazon. It’s a great, horrifying read that will either put fear in your heart or make you feel super smug for being so savvy with all your accounts.

“I’m angry that Amazon makes it so remarkably easy to allow someone into your account, which has obvious financial consequences. And then there’s Apple. I bought into the Apple account system originally to buy songs at 99 cents a pop, and over the years that same ID has evolved into a single point of entry that controls my phones, tablets, computers and data-driven life. With this AppleID, someone can make thousands of dollars of purchases in an instant, or do damage at a cost that you can’t put a price on.”

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