Nerdery Kitchen Table – Web Deployment

Last week, eight Nerdery Nerds gathered around a big table to munch on pizza and discuss their experiences with deploying websites. The discussion was informal and the recording of it – which you can find below – is an experimental project we’re calling “Nerdery Kitchen Table” which is based on this nifty organization in New York. The goal of Kitchen Table is to provide an informal forum where Nerds with different experiences dealing with the same issue can come together and knock heads, hopefully providing some insight on the topic for the listener. In their discussion, our nerds went over how to work with a client to be prepared in advance of deployment, timeline considerations, technical tools that can make deployment easier and what their experiences with the Overnight Website Challenge‘s extremely tight timeline taught them about their day-to-day work.

So give the recording a listen and let us know if you have any questions about the project.

Tom O. – Chief Strategy Officer
Isaac R. – Internal Projects Technical Lead
Philip B. – Developer Tools Engineer
David L. – .Net Software Engineer
Ken B.– .Net Software Engineer
Nick L. – Java Software Engineer
Brian E. – Software Project Manager
Matt Y. – Software Project Manager

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