How much would it cost to make the Death Star?

Suddenly the LEGO Death Star at $399.99 seems like a pittance. Students at Lehigh University set out to estimate how much it would cost to make a Death Star. You can read all about it. It’s a lot. Now, before you get that Kickstarter kicking you should know this:

“But, before you go off to start building your apocalyptic weapon, do bear in mind two things. Firstly, the two billion death stars is mostly from the Earth’s core which we would all really rather you didn’t remove. And secondly, at today’s rate of steel production (1.3 billion tonnes annually), it would take 833,315 years to produce enough steel to begin work. So once someone notices what you’re up to, you have to fend them off for 800 millennia before you have a chance to fight back.

That LEGO Death Star keeps looking better and better.

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