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Our ears were burning while reading “The Role of the Creative Technologist” by Scott Prindle at Crispin Porter + Bogusky – and really burning when we got to lines like: “It makes sense to integrate those who live and breath software and utility – creative technologists (programmers) – into your creative and strategic process.”

Yeah, yeah, we probably think this song is about us, or at least written in the key of Nerdery. Shshsh, let’s listen in: “The creative technologist introduces emerging technologies into the creative concepting process.” Prindle asserts that because creative technologists “think in code … and in left-brained, logical, rule-based constructs” that therefore, “the creative technologist manages complexity” and can use a growing development toolkit to tinker constructively in an expanding digital universe, backed by “an in-depth understanding of core computer science and IT principles.”

If you’re a marketer so busy you can read only one slide, skip on down to #85 for a whole-lotta truthiness on getting the most out of nerds (OK, creative technologists). Truth marches on in the next slide as programmers get marching orders on how to contribute to the ad world.

It’s a good kind of burn (this sensation in our ears) because it’s true: “Technology will continue to bring about disruptive change in our business. The creative technologist will play a lead role in creating ideas that carry across the rapidly expanding digital ecosystem.”

The Role of Creative Technologist

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