Once we realized that the PAC-MAN game on Google’s homepage was all Javascript, we (Ken) couldn’t resist modifying it. In our version the ghosts can’t move. We also disabled Blinky (the red one) so you can pass right through him.

Here is how to run our custom version.

  1. Use Firefox
  2. Install the Greasemonkey plugin
  3. Run this script which will use our code instead of Google’s
  4. Go to Google and start racking up a high score without the fear of dying

Earlier today, Google tweeted about getting to level 256. I don’t know if they’ve hidden something secret in there, but now you have got a chance at getting that far.

If you are ambidextrous, click the Insert Coin button one more time and you can play as Ms. PAC-MAN with the WASD keys and still control PAC-MAN with the arrow keys.

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