Apple’s Keynote, kind of a snooze


Yesterday’s triumphant return of Steve Jobs to deliver Apple’s keynote was probably the most exciting thing (at least to me) about the event. The big news? Video Nano! Zzzzz. Of course, I’m probably alone in that assertion. It seems a lot of the pundits are excited about the new Nano now with FM radio and video capabilities. Me? I wanted something. . . else. I hold Apple up to a high, game-changing standard. With every announcement I expect them to unveil something new, something I didn’t even know I wanted until they invented it (see iPod, iPhone). Of course, the new iTunes is pretty slick. I cannot deny that.

Here’s what others have to say about yesterday’s event:

So what’d you think? I think, ultimately, people were more excited about Apple records (The Beatles) than Apple products.

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